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Map of All Churches in Devon

Be as keen-eyed as an eagle in hunting down our Devon churches…

I looked all over the web for a map of every church in Devon, in books, in libraries, even the Diocese of Exeter (the Church of England Mission Control in Devon) does not have an online map.

So I made one.

Is this the first full map of churches in Devon? For sure it is the very first web friendly one.

Please enjoy…

How to use this map

It is colour coded by Listed Building Grade, as the legend shows.

Click on the top left icon, on the left of ‘Devonchurchland’, and an index to all of Devon’s churches will slide across, all in alphabetical order.

Click again and the index will close.

Click on the top right icon and a bigger map will open in a new window.

Want to use this map on your site?

Please do, just agree to the following conditions:

No ‘for profit’ use

Always include an acknowledgement and link to this website

What do the church symbols mean?

Listed Building Grade 1

Listed Building Grade 2*

Listed Building Grade 2

Not a listed building

Redundant church