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Church guide by Devon region

Sampford Courtenay church in Mid Devon

Glorious Devon, a county of contrasts, distinct regions with the only common sharing an intense beauty. Along with hills, steep valleys and single track lanes.

Oh, and superb churches. Very so the superb churches. Ranging from the benchend-rich northern churches, to the big Brutalist towered magnificents in the south, the Eastern flint ones and the Western ones slumbering undisturbed for centuries. And then there is Dartmoor, with its beautiful granite buildings, and of course Mid Devon hiding away so many treasure-filled sites in little isolated villages that only us church nerds can ferret out.

Use the maps here to explore. On the top right of the map, second button down, you can toggle each type of marker on and off, so you can choose to see ‘Published’ (on this site) churches only. On the top left, there is a zoom button and full screen toggle.

But mainly, just enjoy. Please.

Or use the Devon churches map…